About MAS

Managed Analytic Services Inc. is based in Toronto, Canada. The company provides professional, technical and operational services in support of data-centric and in-depth analytical projects, including managed analytic services. MAS and its partners have deep domain expertise in risk & compliance, fraud detection, network monitoring, financial services, healthcare, public sector and web metrics which is applied to engagements. The company also develops university accredited or company tailored Big Data/Analytics education & training solutions.

We offer:

  • Turnkey analytics-as-a-service
  • Leading edge ETL capability
  • Custom developed appliances and tools
  • Data governance, quality and management services

Our Vision

To provide secure, on-site, fact-based strategy, predictive and operational insight and solutions using global best practices in Big Data analytics. We will do this rapidly, easily and at an irresistible price point and ROI for our medium to large scale clients.

Our Values

We are committed to enabling our clients to achieve extraordinary results and sustainable growth. To that end we endorse the values of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and wotk with our clients to examine, develop and implement strategies to achieve balanced growth from social, economic and environmental perspectives.

Leadership Team

Edmund Dengler

Ed is a skilled researcher, developer and inventor with extensive experience in the area of real-time data analysis and database design and optimization. Ed has particular expertise in the area of network security, having founded and run a successful security monitoring firm. Many of his clients over the years have been trading and hedge fund companies. Ed has a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and has partially completed his PhD.

Jerrard Gaertner

Jerry is a chartered accountant specialized in information technology, with over thirty years of experience providing systems assurance, statutory computer audit, security and privacy services to clients. Jerry has performed computer audits at many of Canada’s big banks and major corporations, lectured at the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions on the risks of technology, consulted to Crown Corporations on IT security and privacy, investigated a number of large computer and/or financial crimes, and testified in Court on numerous occasions in an expert capacity. Jerry led the Systems Assurance practices of two major accounting firms, as well as training dozens of computer auditors throughout his career. Jerry is currently President of the Canadian Information Processing Society (Ontario), on staff at both University of Toronto and Ryerson University (information technology, Big Data and IT law) and is a graduate of MIT.