Managed Services

Our Approach is Radically Different

We provide a standardized toolset on a server appliance that can be installed in your computer room or data center where your data stays safe behind your firewall and under your control at all times. Using proprietary, leading-edge ETL processes, we create the required data feeds and establish the proper controls and filters to ensure that your starting point is data of the highest quality. Our data scientists logon to your appliance remotely to manage both real-time and batch analytic processing and perform special studies on request. Automated alerts signal our analysts to take a closer look if special or unexpected conditions arise or normal processing is interrupted for any reason.

Cost Effective

With MAS Managed Services there are no big up-front costs for hardware and software infrastructure or on-going IT staff. We provide and configure the analytic platform and keep it up-to-date with the current version of our toolset, as it evolves.

Sophisticated Tools

We use our own sophisticated toolset to assist you with analyses, including special purpose proprietary ETL technology made available to us through exclusive partnership agreements.

Appliance Upgrades

Your appliance can be upgraded if more processing power is required, or to take advantage of new processor technologies. You get the technology you need when you need it as part of our comprehensive Managed Services.

On-going Research

You benefit from our on-going research into analytical processes and methods. Our methods, tools and training are continually upgraded to serve our subscribers better.