Professional Services

What sets us apart are our deep understanding and end-to-end capabilities in the analytic process from technical specifications to software tools, machine learning to change management, industry experience to staff training. Our teams bring not only mathematical and analytic expertise to bear, but also in-depth information systems, database, ETL, business process, legacy and visualization skills. We have subject matter expertise in several areas including security, fraud detection and marketing as well as industry specialist knowledge in financial services, public sector, healthcare and other fields.

Smarter Questions

Most of our engagement leads are former C-level corporate executives. Many have real-world experience in financial services, insurance, government and/or education. We can help you better understand the business context of analytics and choose the very best questions/data to explore to generate unprecedented value for your organization.

Cutting Edge Methods & Tools

We have an arsenal of standard and custom analytic and ETL tools ready to deploy. We can rapidly develop special purpose parsers, connectors and models. We maintain special relationships with state-of-the-art semantic analysis and ETL vendors who provide us with powerful new ways of extracting information and meaning from data.

Smoother Transformation

Insights and "answers" have to be implemented in real organizations. Business processes, security and privacy, risk assessments, policies & procedures may all have to be changed. Resistance may arise. Our consultants are specifically trained to deal with these and other issues arising from implementation activities.

Only the Services You Need

We offer end-to-end or more limited consulting services, including statistical, ETL, data integration, change management and security/privacy services. We also provide the highest quality executive, managerial and technical analytics training and strive for knowledge transfer in all our engagements.

Experienced Team

Our team approach brings together a unique combination of senior and industry professionals, data scientists, management consultants, tool developers and visual artists chosen for your specific needs.